Being an Autistic Gamer

So yeah. Being a player of games has always been fairly curious to me. Some games jump out as being impressive, while others just can’t cut it. The little details show up and cause some trouble. When trying to look for games, I find some always attract my attentions.

Having your child being an autistic doesn’t mean they will like games; some prefer trains and what have you. I personally like games for the enjoyment quality of decent stories and stuff to figure out. So i am a big fan of most Roleplaying games, and some others like point and click, adventure games, and stragety games. Some first person shooters can work, but those are few in between.

The biggest problem with games is keeping the entertainment/appeal always going. Its really easy to start stuff as an autistic, its alot harder to keep at it. I prefer easy to drop into games, though some i have found fun are not so much. There are some games i just don’t care, like sports games or racing games. These are all personal preferences for me.

I will go through and do have reviewing of the games i own or have played, all from an Autistic’s point of view.

WHen i use the word Autistic, it means basically having Autism. I happen to be a high-function Autistic individual.


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