Unemployment and Autism

Being unemployed is not fun. Its kinda of annoying, and even more so while being Autistic. Its getting harder and harder to find things to do to keep sane. Most of the time, the simple things used to work, but not really so much anymore.

You try really hard to keep committed to look for work, but it becomes harder every day and week. Having to face the next day become tedious and you wish you could stay in bed and not do anything. But, you still have to muscle yourself out of bed.

Being Autistic means alot of starts and stops, which gets annoying after a while.


One thought on “Unemployment and Autism

  1. I’m sure being autistic multiplies the problems for job hunting and life. We all have ups and down and stops and starts. One of my favorite quotes is from Joseph Campbell: “I think of grass—you know, every two weeks a chap comes out with a lawnmower and cuts it down. Suppose the grass were to say, ‘Well, for Pete’s sake, what’s the use if you keep getting cut down this way?’ Instead, it keeps growing.” Keep looking….you’ll find the job for you.

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