Autistic Gamer: Games for Autistics

I figured being an Autistic person, that I should encourage other Autistics and their parents of games that are very worth picking up. These are games that I feel are worth spending the money to buy and happen to be very acceptable with a limited amount of blood/gore and a limited amount of Swearing/Various Parental concerns. I am a fan of FPS games, RP games, Point-n-Click games, Strategy games, and various other ones. FPS means First Person Shooter; RP is for Role-Playing; Point-n-Click works by using the mouse to point at something on screen than clicking it usually to solve puzzles.

To start the list as my top selection for other Autistics like me is the following:

1) Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic or KotOR/KOTOR/Kotor

Made by Bioware, this game is somewhat old but it still happens to be a pretty fun game. Set in the Star Wars universe, this RP game has you traveling to a few worlds and interacting with different NPCs. The game has a good numbers of quests, which are missions for the player to perform, that can involve helping people. There is no blood, not even simulated blood really, although there is a decent amount of combat.

Where this game really shines is in its story which happens to be really superb. It is also fairly easy to learn and encourages helping others. While you can be mean to people, it usually takes, in my experience, more effort to do so. The game features nearly everything the original trilogy movies had.

2) Myst

Myst is a point-n-click adventure that I would suggest strongly because it involves no combat and the entire gist of the game is about solving puzzles. I would encourage patience for this game as some of the puzzles are rather difficult. However, the simply amazing story makes up for that and the worlds explored are very nice looking and will cause you to spend time exploring without solving puzzles. If there is any game that is completely worth getting, this happens to be one of them.

3) Bejeweled

This game has to be gotten online, but it is completely violence free. The game is basically about putting together groups of gems and the gems make fun noises when the got removed from the board. It is also strongly prone to induce you to simply playing since it is simply that enjoyable. A definite must have game, since it is mostly free to download.

4) Plants vs Zombies

This game can be gotten as a trial, which you should do first and then try it out before buying the full game. The game features placing plants on a lawn where the plants will fight off zombies. There is animated, toon-ish violence here, but it should be fine. Like Bejeweled, this game can quickly get you to lose time playing it.

5) SimCity 2000

This game is an older game, being nearly as old as Myst is, but it happens to be a rather good game. The main premise of the game is building a city by putting up space for residential areas, business areas, and municipal areas. The main appeal is watching your city grow as you add more to it. One in-game feature allows you put up signposts that you can type what they say. This game has no violence, unless a natural disaster strikes, and it can keep attention for quite a bit, although it does lose its luster and thus your interest after a point.

As I find or play games myself that I think other Autistics might like, I post them up so others can check them out. One thing for parents: Always research a game before you get it and find some reviews for it from PC Gamer magazine as well as some videos on youtube of gameplay since that will help you decide if you want to have it played.


4 thoughts on “Autistic Gamer: Games for Autistics

  1. I really liked your post, russgamer. My son is on the spectrum and it is a challenge to find games that are not too bloody or involve a lot of dying or too much of a challenge. He likes the Lego Star Wars series and Minecraft, which he has on both the computer and his XBox360. I always appreciate game suggestions with autism in mind.

    • Minecraft is actually a game I would suggest later perhaps, but it does have the issue that SimCity 2000 has that it can lose your interest and becoming not interesting. If that hasn’t happened for him, that’s great.

  2. Love the list of games, Russ! Really significant that you can review these games and provide help for other folks on the autism spectrum.

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