Autistic Gamer: Games to avoid

There are some games that are worth avoiding, this games have either a bad plot or contain a lot of violence. I have played them at the very least and there are some I would suggest being available after the required maturity is reached. Still, parents should take the time to learn about the game, what rating it has since you should probably not buy Mature games for a kid, and check out some gameplay videos. Having some idea of what to expect from a game helps you make choices regarding them and lets you be fully aware of anything that could happen. There are also mods available for games, so you should become aware of what is available here by using Google to search for game mods as some are slightly adult in content.

Also, make sure you understand the game rating system, you should take the time to check it out. It will help in your purchase choices.

The following games are either ones that should be avoided or should be held off in getting them until the Autistic is older. Some can have mods added and I will mention what some of those mods are and why they are a concern.

1) Call of Duty Series

These games are realistic military shooter games, or as much as can happen with games. Think of them as being like Hollywood action films, as that fits closely into their play style. Being a First Person Shooter series means that these games are all about combat, but the games rarely have any kind of plot of any value, the exception being Call of Duty 1 and 2 as they take place during World War 2. The other issue is that the games are mainly bought for the multiplayer. I personally don’t really bother with these games as I don’t find as fun as others.

2) Halo Series

I really like the Halo games, but it does contain a lot of animated violence and does have blood splatter. Despite that, the games have very good plotlines about the player being a super-soldier who fights aliens. Some of the aliens are pretty funny, while some might induce nightmares. This game has a rating that applies really well, although you should at least pre-research it before you/your autistic reaches the suggested rating age. With enough maturity you can handle this for the most part. The multiplayer modes are quite larger than the Call of Duty games and it allows for more fun than what multiplayer for Call of Duty games offer.

3) Warcraft series

Warcraft Orcs and Humans is the first real game that I played. It is actually rather fun, but being a strategy game it does contain fighting. The units used in-game can be killed and have little death animations. These games require taking the time to manage an economy, build units to fight with, and then control those units to defeat the enemy. This is one that should be waited on and pre-researched. These games can get some mods or interesting maps for use.

4) Diablo series

The first Diablo was my second real game that I played. It happens to be an Role-playing game, and it is quite bloody. You get to play one of three of classes and you spend your time fighting monsters. The second and third games give you 5 classes, while there are expansions for both Diablo and Diablo 2. I know I keep saying it, but you should always pre-research games before buying because you will be able to decide before whether you would allow the game to be used before you get it and find out how impressive it is. There maybe mods available for these games, but I would have to find them to actually know.

5) The Elder Scrolls Games and Knights of the Republic 1 and 2

First I will cover why I am listing Kotor again: because there are nude/naked mods available among all the other mods you can get. I also know or think that is also the case with Kotor 2. So this is mainly a heads up of awareness.

I have played at least 3 of the Elder Scrolls games; Morrowind, Oblivion, Skyrim. For all three I would say that they allow players to become thieves and killers (you can join an Assassins guild in Oblivion and Skyrim). While you complete quests, you will be spending a lot of your time killing things, stealing things, or possibly committing assassinations (if you join the required guilds). In Oblivion, you can buy a house in every city and that is actually kinda fun. These games can have mods added in and some of those mods include naked/nude mods. You should pre-research as usual because foreknowledge of what to expect to see happening can and will help you in determining if these games are acceptable.

I will cover time issues next, like how many time I would think ought to be used or allowed. Following that, I will be doing some reviews of games from an Autistic perspective.


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