Autistic Gamer: New Star Wars Movie

So, there is an official cast list for Star Wars Episode 7. Its an impressive list already with the original cast involved. So here will follow some confirmed items about the new film and my own guessing.

First off, Confirmed:

Adam Driver was earlier confirmed to be playing the villain in this movie.
The cast has been confirmed with shooting starting.
The movie will take place around 30 years after Return of the Jedi.

Now for the guessing:

Given that the sequel trilogy will follow other heroes and features the original cast, this movie has all of the feel that it will be a “passing the Torch” film. The original cast will pass the baton of adventure or the Olympic torch to the new batch of heroes.

Max Von Sydow is playing some kind of officer (would be a good Pellaeon) or perhaps some kind of senator. I really don’t pick up on him being the main bad guy since someone has already been cast.

Black guy (Boyega) could work as grandkid to lando, if we have his parent, lando’s kid happening before cloud city, or he could be lando’s kid after a relationship had later. Maybe with leia or some other woman?

The girl (Daisy Ridley) definitely going to be doing something, hopefully no damsel in distress moments, its not cool. Make her a action girl character, its about time for this.

Oscar Isaac will be some kind of Jedi or a bounty hunter or maybe a scoundrel.

Domhnall Gleeson is definitely being cast as some kind of wookie. He just screams wookie to me. Reminds me of a younger looking Peter Mayhew, same smiling feel.

Andy Serkis is hopefully playing some kind of yoda type or General grievous. Nothing like Jar-jar please. I want my sanity intact, thank you.

Personally, that’s what I think people are being cast for. Given that the original cast is here, this story is definitely going to be a “Passing the Torch” story with the original cast in for part before disappearing in some fashion, leaving the youngsters to save the day at which point the original cast might show up to officially do a torch passing moment (Saying stuff about how the newbies are responsible for the galaxy or something)

Personal Wild Guessing: Adam Driver is playing C’baoth, Max Von Sydow is Pelleaon, and Andy Serkis is Thrawn who came back from somewhere to ruin people’s day. Barring that, Driver (Already confirmed previously as villain) will be helped by Max Von Sydow and Andy Serkis. Mainly because Driver had info released saying that he had been cast as the villain already.

Or maybe General Grevious survived and returns under Driver’s villain and gets played by Andy Serkis.

Or maybe Abrams is doing a pseudo-sequel, that reboots the series by having each of our new actors playing an alternate dimension/continuity of the original cast??

What about you, loyal blog readers? Do you have any speculations?


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