Autistic Gamer: Food

I like chocolate with a passion. I enjoy it and can’t resist having it. There is something missing when you can’t have chocolate. Frankly, its a sin, no a crime, not to have fresh chocolate chip cookies as much as possible. I also like other foods but I have a few I simply cannot eat because they just taste so bad, so wrong to me. Also, I think some foods should be eaten more often than others.

First off, I have almost no sense of taste. I don’t have a sense of smell and my taste buds recognize about nothing. Nearly everything tastes the same as something else. Same texture, same flavor, same sameness. So those foods that are different I either end up liking or disliking.

Green Beans: This unholy food tastes all wrong and its appears to be impersonating food. It tastes like papery to me. (I have done some minute paper munching and green beans come close) It also has the nice Borg(from Star Trek) green color/feel, like the green bean is trying to infect you. Yes, it sounds bizarre and then tastes rather slightly disgusting. Given how little I can actually taste, it makes the disgusting taste stronger.

Sweet Potates: Given my lack of taste or the sure difficulty of tasting food, sweet potatoes are more tangy sweet and not in a good way. I also don’t like the fact they are either orange or purplish. It makes wonder if they went bad or had who knows what done to them.

Peppers: I just won’t peppers because I just don’t that kind of spicy. Oh well.

Spaghetti: I honestly would have to blame one of siblings for this. I think that one of them referred to it in some way that evoked brains and blood or boogers or hair stuff. The look of spaghetti just puts me off. Especially with the long noodles.

Chinese: This tops my list of liked foods because it is just good. I am a big fan of General TSO’s chicken with its spices/sauce. Frankly because it is good.

Chicken: I like chicken and dislike turkey even though they actually taste nearly the same to me. That nearly though is what does it. Chicken tastes proper while turkey tastes improper. There is a taste that’s like plastic or as if the turkey were made of plastic, the whole texture is just wrong.

Seafood: I love seafood. I love calamari the most and enjoy eating it. I also eating other kinds of seafood as well. There is a just great tastes here. I really like it fried.

Sushi: I really love this food. Rice and goodies wrapped in seaweed is one of the best foods that I have ever eaten. Added in other fun stuff and the textures are just great.

Onions, Mushrooms, Olives: I like this things, especially on pizza. Another odd bit is that I love pickle relish but severely dislike pickles. Its rather bizarre but oh well. Also good with the three things is pineapple, especially on pizza.

Fruits/Vegies: I love some of these while I really dislike others.

Textures: Some foods feel/taste proper, like they are actual foods for you to eat while other food are improper and you shouldn’t be eating them. I have found that I really don’t like the foods that I find taste improper.

I don’t really have a sweet tooth, I dislike some kinds of cookies like sugar cookies. I prefer just plain old chocolate chip cookies or M&M cookies. That is also because I like ice cream too. Your day is never bad if you have some ice cream.

Does others have favorite foods?


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