Autistic Gamer: My Sister’s Cats

So this will be slightly be different than standard posts, but hey, it will be fun.

So my sister has 3 cats, had 4. I like cats, I find them really entertaining and cute and fun. They provide a nice lone cat vibe and I feel I share it a bit. Its pretty easy though to see one thing more than anything: The cats remind me of myself a bit.

Being Autistic means sometimes having no self-control, being a lone cat/wolf type who is comfortable with self than with other people, and moving stealthily through the environment.

I enjoy seeing movies, but I really don’t worry about bringing anybody with me. Usually, aside from the bird or one of my sister’s cats, I find that I prefer my own company a lot. Its just easier most times and I feel sometimes that my bird gets me. Or that my sister’s cats understand. Its just…well to be honest there feels like a dissociative connection, like everything but the cats/bird is not real or just delusions I am having. Animals feel more real, while people feel unreal, like they are figments of my imagination.

My bird is a simple critter. Its easy to feel him (sense/notice he is real) because he always look like he knows. Its the same with the cats. They live a simpler existence without people who just don’t get anything. I mean, people are great, but having someone you barely see walk up and say stuff to you with you all the while wondering who the heck this person is and why you should care gets tiring.

That’s different with animals because I always remember who my sister’s cats are even if I don’t always recall that my sister is my sister. Some days I wake up without remembering who I am even. I don’t feel real or more so that I am being imagined by my bird or my sister’s cats. This sensation of being completely disconnected with people and always wondering “What do you mean to me that I should care about you?”. This is a big why on why I dislike customer service jobs and why I think they aren’t good picks for High functioning autistics.

I love my sister, but I also love her cats and love them slightly more, mainly I guess because they don’t feel complicated. I can understand usually what they want like being petted. Of course, the fact they look completely cute helps. I feel like I have more in common with my sister’s cats than I do with other people.

One thing cats definitely provide though, Endless humorous youtube vidoes of just them being themselves. Which is very entertaining.


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