Autistic Gamer: Games to die for

Some games are totally wasting time on because they are just so fun. I would say that would primarily be Plants VS Zombies and Bejeweled. Both are really good and its hard to stop playing them because they are a lot of fun.

Bejeweled involves putting little gems together into pairs of three or more. I know I have talked about it already, but it can get quickly time-consuming and hard to get away from. Most good games are like that, where you just can’t stop playing them. World of Warcraft can get this happening. The Gems even make nice exploding sounds when they go boom.

Plants VS Zombies involved managing sunlight to make plants to fight zombies. This can get fun quickly and be hard to stop playing simply because its entertaining too much. Time can pass quickly really fast so making sure to stop will be important.

Some or most Roleplaying Games are fun because they usually have funny dialogue and enjoyable moments plus there are fun quests to be performed with some entertaining results. Wanting to see what happens next can end up being very compelling and so it can be hard to stop.

Making sure to stop after a certain point is really hard for me when I am having a lot of fun and I think other Autistics would have a similar problem. Its something to be aware of and something to learn how to control.

Now, I had some games to get back to…


One thought on “Autistic Gamer: Games to die for

  1. Bejeweled bewilders me. I haven’t played Plants VS Zombies but was once so addicted to Zombie Farm that I considered paying for some In App Purchases.

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