Autistic Gamer: Maximus Alebrewer, Duck Death Expedition Member

I made Maximus Alebrewer for a D&D 3.5 play by post game. He was good at making ale, being a bartender/innkeeper, and cooking plus he liked making drinking mugs to drink into. Aside from these skills, he was the typical dwarf, although he was slightly crazy or going crazy. He was rather fun to play, but when the game ended I decided to continue his journal of the expedition and make up stuff that could make sense.

This is of course tied to why I engage playing D&D and other roleplaying games: The opportunity to tell a story with made up characters. So I will continue making entries for Maximus and his chicken plotting obsession mostly to entertain myself; if you find his adventures, of which I plan for him to have many or as many as possible, entertaining as well that would be great. If not, I suppose I would understand. There are a few more fantasy story ideas I have bouncing around in my head and as I could my first book effort, I will try to get them down as well. I may try to convert Maximus’s adventures into a webcomic perhaps or some other form, but that requires art skills I don’t really have.

Maximus will continue his journey in further entries as I come up with his adventures. Hopefully it ends up being very entertaining and enjoyable for everyone just as much as for me.

Link to Maximus Alebrewer character sheet:


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