Autistic Gamer: My Sister’s Cats 2

My sister Julie is a cat person and her cats really suit her. There is a lot of similarities between them. Her cats are pretty laid back, but also energetic at times; Julie is a lot like that. Her cats are cute and cuddly and really fluffy. Julie fits only two of those points actually. One main difference is that the cats can be petted and scratched under the chin. The cats also like exploring a bit and examining new things.

My other sister is like her dog, which happens to be energetic and really active. Her dog is always thrilled to see people, gets really excited and is quite rambunctious.

I learned interesting things from both my sisters. From Julie, I learned about art and stuff. From Allison, who has the dog, I learned that I liked cheap wine instead of rum.

Pets tend to reflect their owner’s personalities in some way, as that is why we get them to some extent. There are things to be learned from pets. I have learned from my sister’s cats to be laid back and let things roll over. After all, if the cats can stay relaxed over everything that happens to them, I should be able to as well.

I learned from my sister’s dog that kids aren’t that much different usually in temperament. Of course, the dog doesn’t engage in shouting the way that kids do. Just my bird does some of that.

My bird goes crazy at times and learned to be loud. Like a child, he simply refuses to learn to do differently. Oh well, its not a major problem for me.

I am not fond of dogs. They bark and are loud. Some are friendly and I like those dogs, but others are really nagging like my sister’s dog who likes to play much even when I am not. Dogs need and want to be walked, that’s important to them.

I don’t know if someone who is Autistic needs a pet or not, but I have noticed that I might have said some things about my sisters that aren’t exactly nice or adoring like. I kinda don’t find a problem with this as one should be willing to say things, even if they aren’t too terribly kind. But then, aren’t the pets there for company and companionship because they remind us or ourselves or some way we would like to be?


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