Autistic Gamer: School, What is it good for?

My most abiding memory of school is the endless walking around and thinly veiled attempts at indoctrination. School functions very much like a factory system, producing people who will join society and so school have standards set up to accomplish the placing of people into functions where they won’t cause problems. The fact that most school curriculum are falling behind those of other nations, making there be less science and engineering students that move on is something that needs fixing.

As for my experience, School was something to be endured, as it was frequently dispersed between bouts of tedium, interesting subjects, and then events like going to an assembly. To be honest, I have sort of blocked out most of my schooling and only remembers the highlights: Which consists of cheerleaders, and other gals plus needing some assistance to do homework. There is very little that I would want to remember, but I do like remembering my college time because it was more helpful and there was more freedom to attempt. Even better, the school wasn’t trying to do any indoctrinating.

The only sad part from College is about the fact that I have employed very little of what I studied. So I suppose there are drawbacks. If I had to offer school advice, it would consist mainly of trying to ignore everyone around and take time for schooling, barring that I don’t think I really have any advice as I spent most of my time by myself and I didn’t feel really concerned with excelling. I will admit that I didn’t bother with much schoolwork and that I enjoyed wasting time.

To end I would say that I really don’t know enough about school and how to survive it beyond recognizing that no one you meet is actually interesting enough and that you should probably avoid the PE teachers, they are paid to throw things at you.


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