Autistic Gamer: Games get old

As far back as I can remember, I have played some kind of roleplaying game. Some were on the computer and some were tabletop ones. Despite this, I kept playing the games.

Nowadays, I have found I don’t play games as much; mostly because I am not spending time that way. One game I played more frequently was Dungeons and Dragons, currently I really only pay it online when I can.

Sometimes people will lose interest in playing certain games, its natural and a sign that your taste in games is changing. I used to play the Magic card game more, but I stopped because I didn’t find it as fun anymore. I like roleplaying games because they are always fun, but I have found that a couple of my computer ones are more fun than ones on tabletop.

This is mainly because tabletop games require finding a group to play with and you can that the group doesn’t play very much the way you play. So you move on to other places or groups. I personally haven’t found a new group yet, but I really wouldn’t go back to my old group. I don’t have many stories that aren’t ones that flow along the lines “you had to be there” to understand or find them funny. Another group I played with had more of that because I think that was the kind of players they were. More involved in the game as a game rather than something to be won. Its hard to play D&D for fun with people who want to win because it ends up feeling different in terms of play.

I think computer roleplaying games don’t have this problem because the characters are usually developed and the action keeps moving. You also don’t really have different play styles occurring in the game which helps. There are different play styles and you should find the one that works for you, then you should find groups that have that play style to join if the group is willing. Online games help here.

Another way that games become old is that you have played too much or they worked for when you were younger. Some games aren’t as interesting to play again later and they feel dated. I have a few games that I rarely play, but I might again depending on my interest. I know that committing to playing does take time, so being busy automatically means less play time.

Games may get old for graphics but that rarely is a problem unless you are obsessed with graphics, I am not so I don’t stop playing a game because it has older graphics. New graphics doesn’t mean that the game is good, just that it looks nice.

Anyway, I will put up more blogs later.


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