Autistic Gamer: Reviews) Dark Forces, Dark Forces: Jedi Knight, Rebellion

Star Wars Dark Forces

This game is a Star Wars version of Doom, but is way much better than that game. The first mission involves stealing the Death Star plans. This is then followed by other missions where you go to interesting places then board Vader’s ship, on which you hitch a ride. This is all to solve a case and destroy a secret Imperial superweapon. This game has cut-scenes with a narrative and it works really well. I would suggest getting this game and playing it somehow, you would be glad you did.

What I liked about it being an Autistic:

This game takes place in the Star Wars universe and has you fighting the empire. You get to explore neat areas and employ different weapons. There is also a story that is quite good to play through. It also has Star Wars music and some Movie Character cameos in it.

Star Wars Dark Forces Jedi Knight

This is a sequel to the first game and takes place shortly after Return of the Jedi. It involves the main character, Kyle Katarn, learning about his force connection and going after his father’s killer who is looking for a jedi burial ground. This game features live action cut-scenes between levels and it is rather interesting in that this works with the gameplay in a seamless fashion. You don’t really need to get this, but it is still worth playing.

What I liked about it being an Autistic:

I liked being able to use force powers and the integration of the cutscenes with the gameplay. There are different cutscenes that appear after you pick the light side or the dark side at a point in the game and it determines what ending cutscene you get to see.

Star Wars Rebellion

A rather not good adaption of 4X strategy games for Star Wars, Rebellion tried to be a good game but it really doesn’t work. The control setup is bad, and there is little of the gameplay that is good. Being able to send characters out on missions is nice, but more often than not, the characters will screw up the missions and get stuck spending time getting home. Another really annoying part is that the space combat simulator is not good. There is simply not enough good traits about this game for it to work. The idea of running the Star Wars civil war between Empire and Rebellion is nice, but the game suffers from bad implementation which removes most of the joy from it. From my personal experience, I have lost while playing easy and even from reading the material provided it is hard to get into this game. The game tries but there are better games that do the 4X better, plus the user interface is way better in some of those.

Personally, I wouldn’t bother with Rebellion unless you have already played it. In my humble opinion, this game needs to be designed before being acquired to be played. With a better interface and less hassles, it could turn into an actually enjoyable game.

What I liked about it being an Autistic:

I really didn’t enjoy this game or cared for it, but I would say that it had some nice concepts. Sadly, the game had serious trouble making this concepts work in my opinion which made this game not fun to play. It needs to be remade and approved.


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