Autistic Gamer: Reviews) Dark Sun: Shattered Lands

Shattered Lands was AD&D 2nd edition and it played pretty well. I still have the disc plus copyright sheet and I may try playing it again at some point. I moved from 2nd Edition to 3rd Edition though, and so I don’t remember a whole lot about it. The game had you control a party and you helped out slave villages. There were some areas to explore and you had a good number of quests that you could perform. It was a pretty nice game and was quite enjoyable.

This game was set in the Dark Sun campaign setting around Draj and you had to escape before you went around helping out the slave villages with their problems. Later you fought an army from Draj.

The game used the 2nd Edition rules and you made a party of 4 characters that you controlled. You were able to travel to some different areas that were connected in interesting ways and discover loot or complete quests. The game was pretty hard and required employing some planning for fights.

What I liked about it being an Autistic:

I enjoy roleplaying games and this game is a roleplaying game. You get to choose what your characters say and pick what quests you are going to do. There is also a good number of quests to perform and those quests are quite fun to complete.

This game also had good music to listen to as you went exploring. I enjoyed that part as well.


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