Autistic Gamer: Reviews) Diablo


The first Diablo was either my first or second real game that I played. My brother Danny would know whether he had owned this game before Warcraft 1 or got it after getting Warcraft 1. It happens to be an Role-playing game, and it is quite bloody. You get to play one of three classes and you spend your time fighting monsters. The second and third games give you 5 classes, while there are expansions for both Diablo and Diablo 2. This game had an expansion which added a small dungeon, a couple of classes and a few quests for the expansion. It can be replayed some, but it eventually does become less interesting if you do so. There are a lot of quests, but you should get all of them after 2 or 3 playthoroughs.

The game started you out in a village with characters to interact with some before you went down into the ruins of a nearby Cathedral to explore. In the Cathedral, which was a church, you found monsters to slay, treasure to loot, and items to acquire. The game created a map for you to explore of the levels in the Cathedral, with the map being filled out as you explored. When you came back to the same saved game, the map stayed the same. This also would determine what quests you would end up receiving. The Cathedral was divided into groups of levels, each grouping containing 4 levels total from what I recall. Both the town and the different grouping of levels each had a musical score assigned to it. When you were in the town, named Tristam, it played a certain bit of music. In each group of levels, it would play the same music for each level.

The first four levels of the Cathedral were the Dungeon levels. They looked very like they had come from a cathedral or church building. The next four levels were the Catacomb levels and they resembled catacombs you might find in a church. The next four after that were the Cave levels and looked like caves with lava running in rivers inside them. The last four levels of the cathedral, which 16 total, were set in Hell which had a look of mixing bones with flesh and blood.

The village of Tristam was used as your home base. There you would buy/sell items, talk with the other characters, and could get items identified. One character healed you if you needed it. Each of the characters had completely voiced dialogue and had different things to say after you had gone into the cathedral and had come back. When you had quests, you could ask the characters about the quests and they usually had something to say. This was pretty interesting to me at the time.

There were three classes for use: Warrior, Rogue, Sorcerer. The Warrior could use all of the weapons and armor, plus could learn spells by buying books and repair his own gear. The Rogue had special ability as well but I can’t really remember what it was, and was really good with bows. She could learn spells as well. The Sorcerer could use some weapons and armor, but mainly used magic spells and was given the special ability to recharge a staff to make it usable again.

The expansion added in two classes: Barbarian and Bard. Both could do some interesting things, but I don’t recall anything about what it was. The expansion also added a new dungeon area with only 3 levels with a few quests.

One of the most memorable details I recalled was that the character you were playing would say something when you first entered the cathedral and entered a new group of levels. So if you went from the dungeons into the catacombs, your character would say something.

What I liked about it being an Autistic:

I liked the village of Tristam a lot. It had 8 characters that you could interact with. They would have things to say and it was completely voiced. The town could be explored some and that was nice. The levels in the Cathedral were nice and all of the monsters were voiced. The music was really great as well, leaving something nice to listen to as you went about your way.

I also enjoyed exploring the Cathedral and finding loot. Getting to cast spells was also really fun and it was nice being able to use them with the weapons. Fighting the monsters and completing the quests were also nice. Figuring out what to buy for the character to use was a bit of fun and some quests gave you items.

All in all, it was a really fun game.


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