Autistic Gamer: Reviews) Myst

Myst is a point-n-click adventure that I would suggest strongly because it involves no combat and the entire gist of the game is about solving puzzles. I would encourage patience for this game as some of the puzzles are rather difficult. However, the simply amazing story makes up for that and the worlds explored are very nice looking and will cause you to spend time exploring without solving puzzles. If there is any game that is completely worth getting, this happens to be one of them. After you finished the game, you could keep exploring, although this is if you get a certain ending.

Myst had 5 areas to explore: Myst Island, Ship Age, Mechanical Age, Water Age, Space Age. Each area had puzzles to explore and figure out how to solve. You could go at any pace you wanted to and come back and try new things when you wanted.

Myst Island was the center part of the game. It contained the ways to get to the other areas and have a few puzzles to explore. Each puzzle was related in gaining access to another area, which were called Ages. Notable features of Myst Island were a sunken pirate ship, a spaceship, a clock tower, a set of large mechanical gears, a log house, a big tree, a library, a power station, a fountain with a smaller replica of the sunken pirate ship, and an observatory. There were also boxes with switches that you could push up or down. The island was always sunny, and had no weather of any kind.

The Ship Age was accessed through the sunken pirate ship and brought you to an age that had a rock formation with a pirate ship as part of it. There was also a lighthouse and a station for manipulating water pumps. At the top of the rock formation was a telescope. There are passages leading into the rock formation from both parts of the pirate ship.

The Mechanical Age was accessed through the large mechanical gear on the island and brought you to an age that had a small bit of land connected to a building on a track. The building was some kind of fortress and could be moved around. There are two other bits of land that you can access and the fortress has rooms in it to explore.

The Water Age was accessed through the big tree and brought you to an age that was set in a swamp with wooden walkways everywhere. Above you, there were two levels made of wood that you could explore once you were able to get up to them. The upper levels have buildings inside for exploring.

The Space Age was accessed through the spaceship and brought you to an age that was an crescent shaped island with a tower in the water to access. There are some interesting geological features to explore while you are there.

What I liked about it being an Autistic:

I liked exploring Myst Island and the 4 ages. The puzzles were very interesting and fun to solve with you learning more about what was going on as you solved the puzzles. It was enjoyable being free to explore however I wanted with no restrictions.


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