Autistic Gamer: Why I play certain games

I enjoy playing some kinds of games because they interest me in certain ways or allow me to do something that I want. I play games mainly because of the stories in them and prefer only games with good stories plus something else I like. Games with lousy stories aren’t that fun in my estimation and have little value in being played again. I am always playing for fun, more than winning a game.

I like playing Roleplaying games because they allow me to create characters that interact in an interesting game world. I can engage in quests, do whatever I feel like doing and not have to worry about anything. There is a freedom that allows you to engage in any activities you may be interested in, but may not be able to in the real world. There is also the fact that the games give fun tricks or abilities to play with.

I like First Person shooters where I get to be a hero like Halo does. Games with a similar nature interest me and I will play those.

I like strategy games mainly for being able to control beings in the game and have control of over their lives. I don’t really play that many of these games really.

I like tabletop games mainly for the ability to interact with other live people as well do what I feel like in Roleplaying games. I prefer being able to play in a room with others more so than over the internet, but I take what I can get.

I like playing other games because they either let me do whatever I want to or because they are interesting like Myst and allow exploration. I like being able to wander around without restrictions, interacting with whatever I see if I would like to. That kind of freedom is really nice.

For next post:

If you have questions about something from an Autistic point of view or some kind of question in general, ask it and I will try to answer them. I will put up the next post Monday evening.


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