Autistic Gamer: Relaxing the night away

I don’t usually go out dancing at all. I find it nice to just sit at home with my parrot and watch Netflix. This is because I am not really that interested in meeting new people who I won’t ever see again. Besides, people are rather difficult to handle when you don’t know them. I prefer the bird because I know him really well.

Or I prefer going to my sister’s place. I know that I will always have some kind of fun there, even if not much actually happens. That probability makes it worth while to head over to visit. I really like the area and that it happens to be slightly outside the city, in a smaller area that makes it hard to get lost in.

My sister usually has good food and there are always fun activities going on. I find it easier to relax there than other places. Plus I like the fact the fridge door keeps opening up instead of trying to shut closed like the door at my home. Its a bit funny, but not as funny as the cat magnets on the door.

I like seeing movies, but not necessarily with someone, as I don’t find that needful. People can your movie experience better or detract from it and I don’t find that I feel bad for seeing films by myself. Its a rewarding experience, because I can sit back and enjoy without complications.

That doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy company; I just prefer company that I enjoy and can tolerate rather than strangers or people that act like we are complete friends (which I get and find somewhat disturbing) especially when they don’t mention how they know me. I would prefer some explanation, but it never shows up and I end up feeling awkward because I simply don’t care about the person. I don’t know why they have come up to me and why are they acting so friendly and close? We don’t know each other like that!

I can stand people being polite by asking to shake hands or saying hi, but trying to talk about how I am doing? Why am I offering up that information to you? Are you one of my siblings that I really like and enjoy the company of? Are you someone that I have spoken with before and had several previous interactions? If not, why are you disturbing me?

So I am doing another call for questions. Ask them if you have them and I will try to answer. I will try answering questions in a new blog entry if I get them.

Adopt one today!


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