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Autistic Gamer: Political Parties

As long as American Citizens remain stupidly voting in politicians who don’t bother to do their jobs, with Republicans making claims about how much they “care” about their voters and then working for Corporations while Democrats get voted in and then serve special interest groups, the government won’t improve and America gets dumped on.

There are two visions of future America based on different ideals of each party and they are incompatible and either party, but mainly republicans, don’t support comprise anymore.

Republican Future: Corporations control and own everything and you pay taxes to the corporation on everything with workers solely existing to provide service without any real rights or anything. But Republican leaders don’t care, because they get paid big bucks to ignore the problems.

Democratic Future: An extreme welfare state with a small subset working to provide for everyone while illegal immigrants are granted a free pass so the Democrats can continue to enact policies that encourages little.

We need a congress that works to fix America’s problems, not a congress divided by useless outdated political parties that can’t seem capable of doing their jobs and would have gotten fired if America was treated as a company.

Change must happen, and that means showing both parties that we the people are tired of their bickering and incompetence.

How change happen? We need our government to function but neither side wants to comprise on anything anymore. It is time that we stop voting in incompetent politicians who claim to be supporting us when they only use us for their own advancement.

Both parties can be viewed with the following idea, since it seems to really apply:

Republicans: “We will say whatever we need to get you to elect us so that we then can work for the Corporations which is we wanted anyways since they cut us checks and give out gifts.”

Democrats: “We will say whatever we need to get elected so we can support the special interest groups which give us checks and gifts.”

So? Who should lead us? Well, I don’t see any problems with electing Cats since they look like they could do a way better job than Congress is and they would look pretty cute the whole time as well.

We need to stop allowing ourselves to be taken in by the lies of this politicians who claim to be working for us then do nothing of the sort. I constantly hear about the Republican party is supposed to be out looking for the little guy, and then they fight in congress to support corporate friendly bills. The Democrats claim to help out, but they have done more to support bills that doesn’t encourage getting jobs back to America.

And then, our nation is consumed by wanton materialism and the need to have things. Why are we so supposed with Facebook and the like while little change or encouragement for people for work instead feeling entitled to everything?

The deeper question: Why has the American Public allowed the two main political parties to keep dividing us a country when both sides should be working together more? Because we apparently don’t care and are simply that stupid.

We need to limit the number of terms that members of congress can serve with a maximum of 5 in each part of congress so we can get people in that are trying to help our country rather than pillage and loot it like Republican/Democrats.

We should also remove the sheer amount of money support corporations and special interest groups are able to pour into politicians’ coffers since it makes them more likely to support policies benefitting those who pay them more than anything the people can give.

How can we trust our politicians when they have repeatedly shown that they have lied to us and are completely willing to lie in order to maintain their power? Why do we continue to choose to support such candidates?

Even our media is now infected by the political divide and are driven to report news in ways more likely to support their political bias. Journalistic ethics meant way more in the past then they do now.

Of course, personal ethics in politics is like looking for the easter bunny, you won’t find them anywhere.

Citizens of America wake up from the Matrix lies created by Democrats and Republicans!!