Still Here & Future Projects

Popping in to say that I am still here, but that I am working on several new projects. I have a few that I have decided to go with for the next few days, weeks, months. So, this is a heads up.

My projects are going to be: 1) Books; 2) Web Series; 3) Whatever else I can come up with

Books) Am going to be writing the following planned books: Kurathas Tyrl Faust Elven Exile, the first book to feature Tyrl Faust, my elf character in the Kurathas world; Slaying Dragons, a story about a girl named Madelyn or Maddie who joins some friends playing RPGs, and the adventures both in game and out of game that occur; Twilight of Humanity, a story set in future with future stuff happening, it’s still under planning

Web Series) Am going to be doing: Slaying Dragons, a story about someone that gets mistaken for the chosen one or hero, intended to take place in Kurathas; Between Two Worlds, the story of a Starbucks Barista who ends up teleported into a fantasy world; Halo: Sigma, story about a team in Halo universe called Sigma, influenced by Red vs Blue

Whatever Else) This is mainly more Kurathas stories, probably also future Slaying Dragons stories, then additional web series that I come up with. Also has whatever else I can think of.

Am going to spend my time in the following days, weeks, months, working on these projects.


Back, somewhat

I am still here, and still trying to write. I am also trying to find some work since my current work is not working out. I will try to post more.